The Splash Sports Playbook™

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Dec 20, 2023

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Welcome to the Commissioner Economy™

Welcome to the leading sports gaming platform built specifically for friends and groups to compete safely for real money. Splash is where your community competes for cash in games of skill.

If there’s one thing we know about you, it’s that you love competition — and heightening the fun with friends. We know because we love these things, too.

That's why we built Splash: a space where you can safely pay and play all in the same place. It’s a platform that makes every day your opportunity to make a splash with your people.

See, at a Sportsbook, the house always wins. They promise big payouts while they race to the bottom with free bets, promos, and tilted odds for SGPs. 

Here, you’ll bring your friends, families, coworkers, and, hell, even strangers together around their skill and sports knowledge in a way that’ll have the whole crew coming back again and again.

Commish, we’re here today to show you what we’re building for you, why you should do it yourself, and why you’re going to love it. Thanks for making a splash with us. 

Here are seven secrets to understanding Splash's unique approach to gaming and ultimately creating a great game to win and earn cash. Familiarize yourself with this and how it differs from traditional Sportsbooks to see the money come in!


Learn about the reward systems and how to maximize earnings.
You get a $5 reward bonus for any new user you bring onto the app. 25 friends entering a March Madness contest = $125 in your pocket (and it only goes up).


Develop strategies to engage and retain players, fostering a strong gaming community.

  • Unlock the Power of the Commissioner Hub

  • Create Content All Year Round

  • Build Through Engagement

  • Celebrate and Reward


Understand how to create exciting and competitive gaming environments with all our game types.

Operational Mechanics: Gain knowledge of the platform's operational aspects like deposits, prizes, identity verification, and using the Commissioner Hub efficiently.

Growth Strategies

Learn techniques for expanding your games.