How to grow your community on Splash Sports

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Oct 2, 2023

Matt Krol

Matt Krol

Matt Krol

Splash Sports is all about community and competition. Find out how to grow your community on Splash!

In the world of sports, camaraderie and community stand at the very heart of every memorable moment. Whether it's the shared joy of a triumphant win or the collective sigh at a close miss, the experiences are always richer when shared.

At Splash Sports, we're not just about games; we're about building communities. Communities where every member feels like part of a team, where every contest feels like the big league, and where every interaction adds a layer to the shared narrative. If you're looking to transform your Splash Sports experience from just another platform to a bustling sports community hub, you're in the right place. Here's your game plan.

Unlock the power of the Commissioner Hub

Overview: Think of the Commissioner Hub as your personal command center. It's not just a feature; it's a tool that empowers you to connect, understand, and engage with your community like never before.

Actionable Insight: Dive deep into the analytics to track contest performance and understand which game types and sports truly resonate with your audience. Tailor future contests based on these insights.

Stay Connected: The Hub's social media-like posting feature lets you foster personal connections. Share updates, highlight wins, or chat about the latest sports buzz.

Create Content All Year Round

Overview: One of Splash Sports' standout features is its versatility. With daily, weekly, and season-long games, there's a perpetual motion of excitement. Each game is a new piece of content to be created. Think you have an edge over a particular creator for Week 4 of the NFL season? Start a Pick X contest and let your communities follow along with the action! 

Actionable Insight: Leverage this variety to sustain engagement. Offer quick daily game fixes for instant gratification, while season-long contests can build steady anticipation.

Stay Fresh: Mix and match between game types, ensuring a fresh experience and keeping members intrigued. With the different game types and sports that we offer, you can open up your audience to brand new experiences, and bring in people from different communities!

Build Through Engagement

Overview: The essence of a thriving community lies in engagement. The deeper the connection members feel, the more they contribute. Splash gives you the opportunity to compete and connect directly with your community, take advantage of it! Whether it's in your Commissioner Hub or on your own social channels, talking some friendly smack, highlighting top performers in your contest, and finding creative ways to connect with your community will encourage your contest participants to compete and stay engaged in your contests.

Actionable Insight: Harness the platform’s interactive features. Know your contest insights, ask for feedback, or organize communal challenges. Make every member feel like an MVP.

Celebrate and Reward

Overview: Who doesn't like a little spotlight? Celebrate achievements, big or small, and watch engagement soar. There's much more to Splash than just winning cash!

Actionable Insight: Highlight top performers, introduce special contests for dedicated members, or set up a reward mechanism for consistent participation. A recognized member is an engaged member.


Splash Sports offers a unique blend of gaming and community-building tools. With insights, engagement tools, and a sprinkle of creativity, you can morph your passion for sports into a dynamic, active community. Ready to elevate your game? Create and brand your Commissioner Hub and start a contest today!