Commissioner Success Story: For the Fans

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Jan 12, 2022

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Wally the spokes whale of Splash recently sat down with a top commissioner named For the Fans to understand his journey and success story on the Splash platform.

From Hobby to Earnings

For the Fans began by sharing that anyone can earn significant cash rewards on Splash just by running contests. "The more participants and the bigger your contests, the more cash rewards you stand to earn," he pointed out. For the Fans isn't a social media influencer or a known figure. He's a regular guy with a 9 to 5 job who managed to build a significant following just by sharing his passion for sports.

His success formula? The power of word-of-mouth and emails. "I've been running sports contests for friends, and friends of those friends, for about a decade now," he shared. And contrary to what many might believe, this wasn’t achieved through a massive social media following. "It's all through emails and word of mouth. I'd simply ask people to forward my email, thereby expanding the reach."

Variety is the Spice of Contest Life

One of the key factors that make Splash a favorite for commissioners like For the Fans is the flexibility it offers. He explained, "At Splash, you've got a lot of options. There are season-long contests, weekly ones, and even daily contests. From Survivor to 'picka' which lets you choose without bothering about the spread, and the intriguing 'fantasy tiers'."

For the Fans proudly highlighted some of his most successful contests. "I once ran a $40 NFL season-long Survivor contest that attracted a whopping 5,350 entries. And then there was this high stakes $500 NFL season-long Survivor contest that filled up immediately with 50 out of 50 entries."

The Alluring Rewards

The potential earnings can be significant. "Commissioners have earned anywhere between $5 to a staggering $25,000 just by running contests on Splash," For the Fans stated. And for those wondering just how much they might make, Splash offers a handy payout calculator. "Plug in your numbers, and get ready to be impressed," he winked.

A Final Pitch

As the conversation came to a close, For the Fans had one more message to share, "Run your contests like you always have. But with Splash, enjoy the added bonus of cash rewards."

So, if you've ever been on the fence about starting your contest or were unsure about the platform to choose, For the Fans’ story might just be the nudge you need. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about sports; it's about community, passion, and the potential for impressive rewards.

Find out more and perhaps, start your own success story on Splash.