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Mar 19, 2024

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

We’re excited to share with you some of the recent updates we’ve made to Splash Sports to improve your gaming experience and make playing easier and fun!

Multiple entries… made easier! 

Submitting multiple entries

We’ve made it incredibly easy to submit multiple entries with our new Bulk Entry feature. Now, you can max enter in just a few clicks!

Basketball gameplay upgrades

Pick Sheets are here and ready for the madness

NCAAB Tournament Pick Sheets are ready for your NCAAB Survivor and NCAAB Pick X contests.

For each game, you’ll now be able to access a preview screen for each match-up, where you can view a side-by-side comparison of the two teams, their odds of winning, the spread for the game, and other statistics to assist you in making your picks.

You can also see each team's Seed and sort the Pick Sheet by Seed or game start time.

Golf gameplay upgrades

Tiers tournaments can now be run across all four Majors


Up until now, all PGA tiers contests were single-tournament. With this release, you have the option to run them for two or more tournaments, and you can easily create PGA Tiers contests that include just the four Majors.

Player use limit

As part of multi-slate gameplay, you can limit the number of times an entrant can select each player throughout the contest:  “once” or “twice.”

‘Drop Your Worst’ options

You can also set up your golf contest to allow players to either drop the worst golfer in their lineup for a tournament or drop the worst two. As a player, this means you can cut the dead weight and still have a good chance of coming out ahead.

With our recently added In-Season Payouts, contests can have a single payout at the end of the contest, set up their payout intervals to occur throughout the contest, or have payouts at the end of each tournament, so you have more opportunities to win in your contest!

Connect with your community

Contest chat

In-contest chat for private contests is now available, so you can talk smack right in the app. You can chat with your fellow players, react to their messages with animated emojis, and send images and gifs.

Personalized contest invite links

Sharing your contests looks better than ever! When you invite players to your contest by pasting a link into your text thread, social networks, or other apps, they’ll now see an improved contest invite card that shows them the contest name, Commissioner, prize and payout information, the entry deadline, and the custom image from your contest page, if you’ve added one.