How to Start a NCAAB Survivor Contest on Splash Sports

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Jan 22, 2024

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Start an NCAAB Survivor contest on Splash Sports to keep your friends and community engaged throughout the entire tournament!

NCAAB Survivor is live on Splash Sports! Survivor offers an engaging, simple format as an add-on to your brackets that will keep your community picking all throughout the tournament. Play for cash and bragging rights over your friends!

How to Set Up Your NCAAB Survivor Contest

Today, commissioners can start an NCAAB Survivor contest on Splash! Navigate to the Create a Contest page on Splash Sports, hit NCAAB, NCAAB Survivor, and you're off to the races.

We've broken down the NCAA Tournament into 10 days, which will be your 10 slates in the contest. You will need to include at least 7 days in your contest, but we recommend including all days to maximize the madness during the tournament.

Once you select the days your contest will run, you can select the double picks option. This is exactly as it sounds, if you turn on double picks, users in your contest will have to make two picks for the selected day. Note that in our NCAAB Survivor format, if you run out of teams to pick, you will be eliminated. This should go into your strategy while selecting double-pick days, as you don't want the majority of your contest to not have teams to select as you advance throughout the tournament.

Once your pick settings are determined, all that's left is setting up the entry fee, contest participants, and naming your contest as usual on Splash!

How to Play NCAAB Survivor on Splash

NCAAB Survivor adds an exciting element of strategy and gameplay to the NCAA Tournament. We all love filling out brackets come tournament time, but it can be incredibly difficult to win a bracket contest. With Survivor, you're picking one team per day (depending on your settings), and if they win, you advance. We have a full guide on how to play in an NCAAB Survivor contest here.

Commissioner Tips and Tricks

One of the core principals of Splash Sports is rewarding for commissioners for running contests. We have a wealth of information on setting up contests, maximizing your rewards, and keeping your community engaged throughout your contest on our Knowledge Center! After you have all of the information needed to succeed as a commissioner, it's time to set up your NCAAB Survivor contest, invite your friends, and enjoy the madness in March.