How to Play NCAAB Survivor on Splash Sports

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Jan 22, 2024

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Splash Sports

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March just got even madder. Play Survivor on Splash Sports during the NCAA men's basketball tournament and compete for cold, hard cash!

We're excited to announce the launch of NCAAB Survivor on Splash Sports! The same Survivor format you know and love from the NFL season is now available for the men's NCAA Tournament.

How to Play NCAAB Survivor

The core of NCAAB Survivor on Splash is the same as the Survivor format you've played before on Splash: pick one team to win, and if they win, you advance. Once you use a team, you can't use them again for the rest of the contest.

Where NCAAB Survivor differs from NFL Survivor is the schedule. The NCAA Tournament is a sprint, not a marathon like the NFL season. We've broken up the tournament into 10 Days, where you'll need to make a pick for each of those days. Note that Days 7 & 8, the Elite 8, are combined into one slate. This means that you will need to make both picks for days before the Elite 8 games start.

Once you've studied your contest details for any additional rules like double picks or the number of picks per day, it's time to lock in your selections.

NCAAB Survivor Strategies

Just like NFL Survivor, NCAAB Survivor requires a delicate balance of saving the heavyweights for favorable matchups with trying to find the 'close' games that you see an edge in to use an underutilized team. The 8-9 matchups in the first round are often toss-ups, but if you find an edge in one of those games, you could be off to a great start while saving the lower-seeded teams for later in the tournament.

Another matchup to look at is the 12-5 seed games in the first round. In 32 of the last 38 years, a 12-seed has won at least one first-round game ( There is plenty of risk involved in choosing a 12-seed in the first round, but if you're correct, you have a leg up on the rest of your contest with the teams you have left to choose for the rest of the tournament.

As always with the NCAA Tournament, you need to consider the Cinderellas. Each year, there's a school that defies the odds, exceeds expectations, and makes a deep run into the tournament. Part of the madness is that nobody truly knows which school it will be, but there are certain factors you can look at when predicting an upset. Luckily for you, we have a complete guide detailing The Anatomy of a March Madness Upset here.

One important setting for NCAAB Survivor on Splash is that if you run out of teams to pick in your contest, you'll be eliminated. This adds another layer of strategy to your contest, as you'll need to keep a close eye on making sure that you have teams available all the way through the National Championship.

Compete for $100K in March

To kick off the NCAA Tournament and the madness that will ensue over the next month, we've launched a $100K NCAAB Survivor contest. A $25 entry gets you a chance at the $100K grand prize! Plus, you can enter up to 133 times. Our standard NCAAB Survivor rules apply to this contest. Pick one team per day and if they win, you advance. Once you use a team, you can't use them again for the rest of the tournament. As always, the full contest rules are available on the contest details page.