Golf Majors Formats on Splash Sports

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Mar 13, 2024

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

New Tiers enhancements are live on Splash Sports ahead of the golf majors! With multiple customization options, new ways to play, and endless action throughout the golf season, there are plenty of ways to win on Splash Sports.

Let's dive into the upgrades and additions that are new to our Tiers format on Splash Sports for the golf majors!

Golf Majors Tiers

The same tiers format you've played on Splash throughout the golf, NFL, and NBA seasons are getting an upgrade. Now, tiers games can be run across multiple tournaments, including the four golf majors!

Dollar Winnings vs. Total Strokes

Tiers are getting a scoring upgrade! With Golf Majors Tiers, you can choose between two different scoring options: Dollar Winnings (the standard scoring format in our One & Done games), and Total Strokes.

Dollar Winnings scoring grants points to the user based on the Dollar Winnings for the golfers that they select during each tournament. For example, if you pick Scottie Scheffler for the first major of this year in your contest and he wins the tournament, you'll receive points equal to how much money he earned for the tournament, which would have been $3,240,000 in 2023.

Total Strokes allows you to earn points equal to your golfer's performance. They go -6 for a round, there's your score. Just like in golf, you want to have the 'lowest' score to top the leaderboard.

Expanded Roster

Previously, tiers games on Splash allowed a maximum of six tiers per event. Now, tiers games can include a roster of between four and eight players!

Set Your Schedule

Once you've determined your roster settings, it's time to set the schedule. Golf Majors tiers allow you to include just the four majors, or include THE PLAYERS and The FedExCup.

Dollar Winnings Multipliers

Please note that Dollar Winnings Multipliers are only available if you select "Dollar Winnings" as your scoring option. If this option has been selected, you can choose to add multipliers to different tournaments to make picks for that tournament even more important!

Player Use Limit & Drop Your Worst Golfer

Player Use Limits, as seen in our One & Done contests, can now be used across Golf Majors Tiers formats. This adds an extra element of strategy for making picks in your contest! Have a good feeling about Viktor Hovland for The Open Championship, but feel like he won't play up to his expectations in The Masters? Make sure you save him when making picks!

Brand new to our Golf Majors Tiers formats are the popular Drop Your Worst Golfer option. Now, a single pick won't ruin your chances for the tournament. Commissioners can select whether to drop the one or two worst golfers for a contest, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to make the best picks possible throughout the golf season.

Payout Schedule

Keep a close eye on your contest details, as commissioners can structure the payout schedule to pay out just the entire contest winner, the winners for individual tournaments, or create payout segments to have multiple winners throughout the contest on top of the contest-long prize. Every pick matters on Splash!

Start Competing

With plenty of ways to customize contests exactly to your group's liking, and all of the public contest options available on Splash Sports, there are always ways to win when you're playing on Splash. Let us handle the hard stuff like collecting deposits and payouts, tallying picks, calculating standings, and organizing a chat for your group, and you focus on winning cash. Check out our lobby for guaranteed contests during the golf majors or start your own contest today!