NFL Playoff Formats on Splash

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Jan 3, 2024

Matt Krol

Matt Krol

Matt Krol

When Can I Play?

  • Playoff offerings are available now ahead of the NFL Playoffs.

  • The playoffs begin on January 13th, 2024, and you'll be able to play on Splash all the way up through the Big Game!

NFL Tiers

  • Our NFL Tiers game is back for the Playoffs, with more ways to play and win. We'll be offering the following formats:

  • Single Game Tiers: Pick one game and draft your squad! For those lucky fans whose teams will make the playoffs, this is a great format to follow them and compete as they make a run for the title.

  • Single Day Tiers: Select a day in the Playoffs and draft based on who is playing that day, from the Wild Card Round all the way up until the Big Game.

  • Single Round Tiers: Pick a round, any round! In this format, you'll have the option of drafting players available from a specific round of the playoffs.

  • Multi-Round with Player Use Limit: New to Splash is Player Use Limits which operates similarly to Survivor. In this format, you'll compete in a multi-round contest in the Playoffs and draft accordingly, but once you use a player, you lose them.

NFL Pick X

  • The same NFL Pick X format you've played all season is back for the Playoffs, with some additional twists. Here's what we'll have:

  • Multi-Round Pick X: Pick your winners all playoffs long in our traditional Pick X format! 

  • Multi-Round Pick X with Weighted Scoring: Introduced in our College Bowl Pick X format, Weighted Scoring is here for the NFL Playoffs. Commissioners will be able to assign different point values for different rounds of the playoffs, adding an extra layer of strategy for your picks.

  • Multi Round Pick X with Best Pick: Got a gut feeling about a playoff matchup? This format is for you. Commissioners can opt for a Best Pick in this multi-round Pick X format, which allows players to select a game that will be worth more points than usual if they are correct.

NFL One & Done

  • One & Done is live for both NFL Playoffs and for golf season! Here's how it works:

  • First, you'll determine the amount of players you select per slate. All players will be placed into one tier, and your commissioner will determine whether you pick 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 players from that one tier.

  • Commissioners then select the rounds of the playoffs they'd like the contest to run for. You can run single-round contests, or contests that run from Wild Card Weekend all the way through the Big Game.

  • Our new Player Use Limit determines how many times per contest you can select a player in your lineup. If the limit is one, once you use a player, you lose them! 

  • Scoring is the same as our regular-season NFL Tiers format. Rack up fantasy points and climb the leaderboard to win cash!

Compete on Splash

The games you've played all regular season long are back for the playoffs with new twists. Check out our contest lobby for public contests during the NFL Playoffs to compete for cash in guaranteed contests, or start a contest with your friends! No matter how you play, there are ways to win all NFL Playoffs long on Splash.