What is Splash Sports?

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Oct 6, 2023

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

In a digital age where fantasy sports have become a way of life for fans worldwide, there's one platform that stands out by redefining the way we play—Splash Sports. But what exactly is Splash?

It's more than just another place to dabble in fantasy leagues. It's a community, a convenience, and your chance to dive into sports in ways you've never experienced before. Let's break it down.

Splash: The Future of Fantasy Sports

At its core, Splash is a real-money gaming fantasy sports platform, but it's the way Splash transforms the game that makes it unique. Forget everything you know about traditional betting sites or fantasy apps. Here, you're not just a player; you're part of a dynamic community. Whether you're competing against friends in a private league or joining forces with fellow fans in public contests, Splash brings everyone together for the love of the game.

Handling the Finances 

One of the biggest game-changers? The way Splash handles your money. Forget the days of chasing down league fees or wondering if you'll ever see your winnings. Through a built-in partnership with PaySafe, every member gets a secure wallet, streamlining deposits, withdrawals, and real-money play. It's not just about playing for cash; it's about doing it securely and efficiently, with fast payouts that put traditional platforms to shame.

Sports and Game Types

We’ve brought in the game types you know and love, from Pick X to Survivor to Fantasy Tiers, right onto our platform that allows you to compete for real money. Play in daily, weekly, or season-long contests to keep the action going throughout the busy sports calendar! We’re always working on growing and expanding our offerings, with different sports and game types constantly in the works.

Splash understands that no two sports fans are alike, which is why it gives you the power to customize. With live scoring, configurable prizing, and a variety of game types and sports, you're in control. Want to start a daily, weekly, or season-long contest? Go for it. Your game, your rules. 

The Power of the Commissioner Hub

But what if you want to do more than just play? Maybe you're the strategist, the organizer, or the heart of your sports-loving friend group. That's where the Commissioner Hub comes in. This feature empowers you to host contests, track performance, and even create social media-like posts to engage your participants. It's about having the tools to not just build but to nurture your sports community.

Earn Beyond the Game

What sets Splash apart is the potential to earn, and not just through winning contests. As a commissioner, you're rewarded for every contest you run. The more players you bring in, the more you earn—no limits. We know that commissioners are the lifeblood of our platform, and we’re set on rewarding them for it. Whether you’re a content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers or a regular Joe who’s been running a 500-person Survivor contest for the last ten years, we’ll reward you for coming over to Splash and running your contests on our platform. 


Splash isn't just a platform; it's a revolution in the way we experience fantasy sports. With our emphasis on community, convenience, and customization, it caters to every kind of sports fan. Whether you're here to play, compete, or run the show, Splash welcomes you into a world where every game is an opportunity, every match is a memory, and every player has a chance to make it big. Ready to dive in?