Tips to help fill Your contests

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Oct 6, 2023

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Hosting a contest on Splash is just the beginning. The real fun begins when the seats get filled, the stakes get high, and the trash talk starts.

But how do you ensure your contest is full each week? Let's break it down.

Utilize Your Network

Your immediate network, composed of friends, family, and coworkers, is an untapped gold mine. Think about the countless birthdays, reunions, office gatherings, and other events where you all had a blast. Now, just channel that energy into your contests:

  • Personalized Invites: A direct message or a call can make a world of difference. A personal touch always goes a long way in ensuring a positive response.

  • Host a Launch Party: Make the beginning of your contest an event. Arrange a get-together, serve some snacks, and discuss strategies. Nothing beats the enthusiasm of live competition!

  • Spread the Word: Talk about your contests during casual conversations. You'd be surprised how many people might be interested once they know.

Utilize Social Media

The power of social media in today's world is undeniable. With millions scrolling through their feeds daily, it’s the perfect platform to attract a crowd:

  • Engaging Content: Post about upcoming matches, player statistics, or fun facts. Engaging posts get shared, increasing your contest's visibility.

  • Join Communities: There are numerous groups dedicated to fantasy sports. Join them, engage in conversations, and invite interested members to your contest.

  • Regular Updates: Keep your audience hooked by providing regular updates about the contest. Celebrate milestones, shout out leaders, and keep the anticipation high.

Utilize Splash and RunYourPool

Both Splash and RunYourPool have vast communities of passionate players. Harness this:

  • Direct Invites: Use the platform's feature to directly send invites to users. You're reaching out to an audience that's already interested—half the job is done!

  • Reconnect with Past Players: If you've hosted contests before, Splash makes it easy reach out to the previous participants. Their prior experience with you can make them loyal repeat players.

  • Engage in the Community: Participate in discussions, offer tips, and more. The post feature in your Commissioner Hub helps you build a presence on Splash and gives players a reason to come back! By being an active member, you can subtly promote your contests and get more traction.

While starting a contest is a breeze with Splash, filling it requires some effort. But with the right strategy, utilizing personal networks, maximizing social media, and harnessing the power of platforms like Splash and RunYourPool, your contest can be the talk of the town. All it takes is a bit of creativity, a sprinkle of effort, and a dash of persistence. Let the games begin!