Contest details screens and the Commissioner Hub

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Aug 1, 2023

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

We will be releasing several new features focused on making the lives of our closed beta commissioners easier.

These features will become available on the week of the US Open so you can give us feedback on it. We will continue to evolve these features over the remainder of the closed beta and into the summer.

When we started discussing the idea of building a new sports gaming platform, we were adamant that this needed to be a place specifically for friends and groups to compete safely.  

We wanted to make everything that was great about being a commissioner even better, while also removing all the worst parts about running contests. As you could imagine, that was not a small undertaking!  

We started by getting the core flows for any ‘real money’ platform that can handle both Identity Verification smoothly and the ability to put money into your account safely and securely.  

We know that building trust with your players is going to be key for them to feel comfortable putting their money into Splash, instead of sending Venmos around. Many of you have experienced this in our first playable slice for the Masters (Pun very much intended).  

We are fine-tuning the KYC flow to be more intuitive and user-friendly as a result of this, which new players will experience.  Happily, you only need to validate once, so if you already have gone through this you’ll have to take my word for it and check out the screenshots below.


This brings me to our first new feature for the US Open.  We heard loud and clear that the Contest Details modal that we offered for the Masters was not enough. As a result, we are adding a new page that has a unique and shareable URL that has all the information for your contest!  No more, “Go Find it in the Lobby.”  It's designed with a clean, crisp interface that lays out the details for prospective players.  

‍Your Contest Details Pages will be linked directly off of our Commissioner Hub! The Commissioner’s Hub is a dedicated area for you, a personalized experience that will also have a unique and shareable URL so your existing players can find you easily on the platform and new players can see what you’re all about!  During the onboarding flow, you can add an avatar and a background image to represent your flair and style. You can add some information about what type of contests you’re into, what you hope to run and more!  Players will be able to follow you and get updates when you’re doing something noteworthy such as launching a new contest or when posting an update you want them to view.


The initial Commissioner Hub experience will be available for the US Open, but there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. We’re adding messaging for you to communicate with your players (and followers) via posts.  We will also have a dedicated ‘insights’ area with stats on how your contests and your players are performing! We will be sharing more details in future updates and asking for your feedback as well.‍