5 mistakes you may be making as a commissioner

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Oct 9, 2023

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Check out the mistakes you should be avoiding as a sports commissioner, and the solution to all of it!

Being a commissioner requires all the guts and seldom the glory. But there are five things in particular that can often become a real pain or even worse, put you in a bad position. There is a solution here, and the owners of RYP/OFP walk you through them below:

  1. Chasing Payments & Tracking Payments
    We all know that guy. Let's call him Bob (sorry to all the Bob’s). He never pays his entry fee on time or has a weird request to send via carrier pigeon. Then comes tracking it all - hosting a lot of people and tracking them all in spreadsheets is a tedious process. One wrong letter in an email or a note that goes straight to spam can cause chaos as the season approaches.

  2. Holding Onto Large Amounts of Cash
    Along with constant fear of being hacked, the typical payment processors are now keeping a close eye on accounts receiving similar funds and in some cases freezing the assets.  

  3. Using Payment Platforms to Pay Out the Winners
    Speaking of payment processors, companies such as PayPal and Venmo are now requiring that people issue 1099s for all withdrawals of $600 or more.

  4. Pushing the Limits on Legalities
    Playing for real money offline and through you, the commissioner, is still illegal. Even through Paysafe, so why risk it?

  5. Running Contests for Money on Entertainment Only Sites
    Friendly reminder that RunYourPool is for entertainment purposes only and we follow strict guidelines to make sure everything is above board. We don’t want to get shut down. But have no fear, we have built a new platform that handles all of the above.

Introducing Splash Sports

Splash handles all the pain points above and keeps you from making common mistakes, allowing you to run your favorite survivor, Pick X, or DFS games for real money legally.

We handle all deposits, entries and payouts in a lightning fast manner. Plus, we reward you with bonuses for bringing your games over to Splash and give you a hub to invite and communicate with your players.

Not only that, but we provide year long gaming contests so that you can have the opportunity to earn more as a commissioner.