Supported Sports & Game Modes

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Oct 6, 2023

Splash Sports

On Splash Sports, we’re always working to deliver what our users want the most - more sports, more game types, and more ways to play. Here’s what we currently offer.


Survivor contests on Splash are currently available for the NFL. In a Survivor contest, the name of the game is simple: survive. Users make their pick for the given week on who they believe will win, and if they’re right, they move on to the next week. Commissioners can set rules like how long a Survivor contest will last (check out our Survivor Sprint format to learn more about shortened Survivor contests), how many picks you make per week (typically, commissioners will set this to one pick per week), and when or if double picks will start (this adds an extra layer of skill to every contest, making users select multiple teams in one week). The last user standing takes home the cash! 


Tiers contests on Splash are currently available for the NFL, PGA, and NBA. While the scoring and rules may vary slightly from sport to sport, the concept is the same. Players are broken into tiers for each event, week, or day, and your job is to draft the best lineup possible. There are no positional requirements, meaning all you have to do is pick the best player from each tier, follow your players in their matchups, and watch the points pile up! The person with the most points at the end of your contest takes home the prize. Be sure to check out your contest details for specific scoring rules. 

Pick X

Pick X contests on Splash are currently available for the NFL. The ultimate goal is to have the best record and the most points in your contests. Pick X contests can be weekly, multi-week, or season long. Commissioners can also customize how many picks you’ll make per week, opting for all games or a select few. No matter the size, duration, or amount of picks set for your contest, your goal is to be as accurate as possible, as each correct pick nets you one point. Pick the winners for each week and climb up the leaderboard to win some cash!