Golf One & Done Strategy Guide

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Jan 2, 2024

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

Splash Sports

The 2024 PGA Tour season is here, and One & Done is live on Splash Sports! This guide is designed to help you navigate through the season with a smart approach to player selection and tournament targeting, helping you take down your friends and win cash on Splash.

Analyzing Tournament Purses

With the new Dollar Winnings Scoring format on Splash, one key element to consider when making your picks is the tournament purse. Every tournament will have a different purse and payout structure, making some events more important than others. Signature events like The Sentry Tournament of Champions, The Genesis Invitational, and The Wells Fargo Championship will offer more prize money than other events. Additionally, the Major championships plus The PLAYERS Championship and The TOUR Championship will have higher purses. Your commissioner can choose to implement reverse multipliers for the four majors plus The PLAYERS and The TOUR Championship, so be sure to check your contest settings before making picks for these events! 

Strategic Player Selection

The heart of your strategy should be a balanced player selection. While the allure of choosing top-ranked players for every event is strong, it's crucial to consider consistent performers for regular tournaments. This is where knowing the course, the play style of certain players, and analyzing past performance comes in handy. We all know that Max Homa shows out in his home state of California whenever there's a tournament there, with four of his six PGA wins in the last five seasons coming in the state of California, so you might want to give him a strong look for tournaments like The Genesis Invitational and The Farmers Insurance Open. Analyze players' past performances, particularly in similar course conditions and tournament setups. Also, factor in their recent form, any injuries, and how they’ve started the current season.

Saving the Best for High-Stakes Tournaments

A key tactic in One & Done is knowing when to play your aces. Much like in NFL Survivor, you want to save the top dogs for the elevated events and the majors. You wouldn't pick the Cowboys when they have a tough divisional battle against the Eagles when you know you could pick them against the lowly Panthers the next week. Similarly, in One & Done, you wouldn't want to use Scottie Scheffler in the Corales Puntacana Championship which only has a $4M purse when you could save him for an elevated event or a major championship which typically has purses between $17-$25M. Use the big-name players wisely based on tournament purse, past performance at those events, and how the course fits their play style.

Spotting Potential in Lesser-Known Players

One & Done isn’t just about the stars. Pay attention to emerging talents or consistent players who often fly under the radar. Ludvig Aberg burst onto the PGA Tour scene last season, with 3 top-5 finishes and one win to close out the season. Players like Aberg come along every season, so when you're playing One & Done on Splash, it's crucial to stay up to date with all of the golfers on Tour to see if you can find the diamonds in the rough before others in your contest do. These golfers can provide great value, especially in the smaller tournaments. Reviewing their recent performances on similar courses or under similar conditions can uncover potential fantasy gold.

Know Your Contest Settings

On Splash, commissioners have endless customization options. With One & Done, there's plenty to consider when making your picks. Commissioners can customize which tournaments you'll be selecting golfers for, how many golfers you'll be selecting for each tournament, how many times you can use a golfer throughout the duration of your contest, and which tournaments have dollar winnings multipliers. Make sure you check your contest details before making picks so you're armed with all the right information to make picks and win! 


With a solid game plan for each tournament throughout the PGA Tour season, you can greatly increase your chance to win cash in One & Done on Splash. Remember, staying updated with the latest PGA Tour news, player performances, and tournament details is crucial. Use this guide as a roadmap through the season, and win cash all PGA Tour season long with One & Done on Splash!