How Does Daily Fantasy Work?

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Nov 12, 2022

Thom Cunningham

Thom Cunningham

Thom Cunningham

Fantasy sports have long been a beloved pastime for sports enthusiasts, offering a unique way to engage with your favorite games. 

While traditional season-long fantasy sports contests have been a staple for years, the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has introduced a dynamic and fast-paced alternative. 

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): A Fast-Paced Experience

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a revolutionary format that provides instant gratification, setting itself apart from the traditional season-long fantasy sports contests. Here's a quick overview of DFS:

  • Contest Format: In DFS, participants enter contests for a single day or week of games. The formats range from head-to-head matchups to large tournaments, catering to various player preferences.

  • Player Selection: DFS participants draft a roster of players under salary cap constraints, with each player's performance contributing to your total score for that contest. This format allows for crafting a new team for each game, adapting to changing player performances and matchups.

  • Scoring: DFS contests use specific scoring systems, awarding points for statistical categories like points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. The team with the highest total points in the contest wins.

  • Daily Engagement: Unlike traditional fantasy sports, DFS contests are typically short-term, lasting only a day or a week, making them ideal for those who enjoy daily engagement with sports.

Differences Between DFS and Traditional Season-Long Fantasy Sports

  • Duration: The most notable distinction is the duration of engagement. Traditional season-long fantasy sports require participants to manage their teams for an entire season, while DFS offers immediate results with contests running daily or weekly.

  • Player Selection: In traditional fantasy sports, participants draft a team at the beginning of the season, occasionally making roster adjustments. In DFS, you create a new lineup for each contest.

  • Scoring Complexity: DFS often employs detailed scoring systems to assign points for specific in-game actions. Traditional fantasy sports use simpler scoring methods focused on season-long player statistics.

  • Variety of Contests: DFS offers a diverse range of contest formats, accommodating different player preferences. Traditional fantasy sports are typically played within a single league or group of friends.

Introducing Splash Sports: Innovative Fantasy Sports Alternatives

For those seeking an innovative and engaging alternative to DFS and traditional season-long contests, Splash Sports offers a variety of exciting formats:

  • NBA, NFL, and Golf Tiers Contests: In Tiers contests, players are categorized into different tiers each week. Participants select one player from each tier to form their fantasy lineup, free from positional constraints. Scoring is based on real-life player performance, with the highest total points winning the contest.

  • Survivor Contests: Survivor contests add an element of strategy to the mix. Players choose one team per week, aiming for a win. If the chosen team wins, you advance to the next week. However, once a team is picked, it cannot be chosen again for the season. Survivor contests require careful selection and strategy to outlast your opponents.

  • Pick-X Contests: In Pick-X contests, players simply select the teams they believe will win each game. It's a straightforward yet challenging format, appealing to fans who enjoy predicting game outcomes.

With Splash Sports, you can experience the excitement of DFS-style daily or weekly engagement, embrace innovative formats like Tiers contests, test your strategy in Survivor contests, or indulge your passion for predicting game outcomes in Pick-X contests. 

The world of fantasy sports is evolving, offering a diverse range of options to cater to your preferences. Dive in, draft your dream team, and relish the thrill of watching your players perform in real-time – it's a new era of interactive sports at your fingertips.